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What's an Indian supposed to look like?
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Ummmm so I deleted my tumblr but then I re-created it so please add me back!


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Please help the animals in Japan. Thousands of animals have been injured and/or left homeless due to the earthquake and it's aftermath. I donated $100, I dare you to match it.


I understand if you can't contribute that much, or at all, but please post this link on your tumblr/livejournal/facebook/twittter/whatever! The more people who see it, the more people will donate!
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#43 of life goals: dance on stage with the dresden dolls via request from amanda palmer
check that off my list!

the jenny and johnny song just like zeus is my life.
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A letter to the Editor of the Daily Texan,

Yesterday the Daily Texas published an article about Halloween costumes that was accompanied by a photo of a young woman trying on a headdress at a local costume shop. While the photograph alone definitely rubs me the wrong way, what bothers me the most is that someone took the time to make sure it was labeled as a Native American, instead of an Indian, headdress, yet failed to think about the racial connotations of publishing such a photograph at all. And while I realize that most people when dressing up for Halloween do not think about whether their get ups are offensive or not, The Daily Texan is a news publication, and honestly, you all should know better.
Halloween costumes generally fall into three categories: magical, funny, and scary. To dress up as a Native American lumps Native peoples, myself included, into one of those slots and leaves me wondering as to when did Native Americans become fantastical? We are real! We exist! Some of us attend the University of Texas and hold jobs here.
Why is dressing up as a Native American offensive? In general, Indian costumes fall into two types: the "Brutal Savage" or the "Sexy Squaw." The first perpetuates the myth that all Native people are uncivilized, primitive, and worst of all, violent, while the second furthers the process by which Native American women have been and continue to be sexually objectified and harassed. According the Southwest Center for Law and Policy, Native American women are victims of rape or sexual assault at more than double the rate of other racial groups, usually at the hands of strangers, where as other racial groups have a higher percentage of knowing their attackers. While these issues may not seem relevant to some of your readers, they are extremely present to Native Americans. I say to your readers, prior to buying a Native American costume, ask yourself if you feel that dressing in blackface so as to portray an African American for Halloween (or any other occasion) is appropriate? Both practices bolster stereotypes that have contributed to the oppression of People of Color, are you comfortable with that?

Nikki Birdwell
UT staff member
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it is all work, all the time. i never get ahead of myself much these days. but i have a wanting, though i am not sure for what. lightning, strike me down.
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newness. too busy to do anything other than work and school. egads.
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bussssy beees
my classes started and they are going well so far, though it is nerve-wracking to be working full-time and taking a full load of classes.
we moved and it was emotionally draining, but overall worth it.
working on side b magazine, i have a photography post every saturday, please check it out!
we're also raising money for printing costs, as we are all broke students, so gimme all of your cheddar.
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maybe i should grow my bangs out
or maybe i should just make my "fuck me" face more often
there's a wilhelmina casting on saturday morning in austin, they didn't specify height, but god i am too pudgy. ugh.
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